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Refer Friends to CompliMentors

Invite friends to CompliMentors as you care for them and we’ll send you 10% of their purchase amount when they become a customer as a cash reward. Help us create beautiful mentoring relationships aimed at helping individuals and businesses unlock their potential!

Your Information

Your Referral's Information

How It Works

CompliMentors typically works with Individuals & Business teams. The friends you invite should match the following profile:

What We’re Looking For

  1. Invite individual and business friends who match the referral program -- as many as you’d like!
  2. The CompliMentors team will send a follow up email to your friend mentioning your name as a referrer.
  3. CompliMentors will work with your referral to see if we’re the right fit for them.
  4. When your referral purchases CompliMentors plan and services we’ll send you the reward.

Other Details

  • Customer is defined as someone who has purchased services from CompliMentors.
  • Rewards will be paid out within 30 days of the referral's purchases with each invoice being raised.
  • No reward for companies and businesses who are already within an active buying cycle. In some circumstances we may permit a separate organization (e.g. department) within a company that is already a customer to count as a referral.
  • CompliMentors reserves the right to declare a referral ineligible for the promotion if we believe that you are abusing the referral program.