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Assessment of an individual during the Mentoring process is a critical step in CompliMentors approach and thereafter match you with a suitable Mentor. Understanding your work personality and the careers that fit your work personality can prevent years of wasted education, unnecessary education debt, and time lost in jobs that don’t suit you.

CareerFitter helps you unlock your best career path and your optimal income potential.

These career tests are designed by psychologists using scientific research and trusted by millions of people, universities, and career advisors for over 20 years. Uncover who you are at work and generate the list of careers that fit your personality. Our 10 page full report is based on scientific research and includes...

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When you Start Your Free Test, you’ll receive immediate access to the Careerfitter Code assessment. As soon as you take the 5-7 minute assessment online, you’ll receive an 10-page personalized report with insights into your own decision-making personality style. This personality assessment report, a $19.95 US value, is yours FREE.

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