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A career mentoring program to help youth and career seekers meet their personal and career goals and give them tools and strategies to take their next step with confidence. Work with a global network of achievers to bridge the gap between academia and professional world.

We like to call it the ‘MBA of Life Skills and Know-how.’ This is knowledge that you won’t read in any textbooks. It isn’t theory: it’s hard-learned experience, passed on 1:1 through open and trusting dialogue.

Our popular modular programs in partnership with leading schools and institutes include:

  • Career Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Shadow the Leader
  • Research Projects
  • Creative Problem Solving


An executive mentoring program for aspiring professionals who want to lead by example, realize that leading at higher levels means living into your highest potential.

Your CompliMentor can help you avoid mistakes like burn-out and missed opportunities, and help position you for even more impactful roles, by acquiring tools of self-mastery, emotional intelligence and group dynamics for which you don’t have time to learn the hard way.

Bespoke experiential leanings techniques to achieve:

  • Executive Leadership & Presence
  • Leading Culture Change
  • Building The Personal Brand
  • Global Diversity Orientation
  • Managing Personal Stress
  • Managing Stakeholders & Team Members
  • Communications, Media & Public Speaking

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A Business mentoring program is curated for Businesses, Not-For-Profit, Entrepreneurs and SME businesses to develop a growth mindset, boost business confidence and help create a digital brand. The new normal of the COVID-19 era, has shaken even established businesses, who currently need to rethink business innovation and marketing strategies in the backdrop of digital revolution.

Get with a senior advisor to help exchange great ideas, explore new perspectives, overcome business, brand and people challenges and leverage practical tools to develop both entrepreneurial thinking and personal growth.

Power packed solutions to execute out-of-the-box business growth.

  • Develop leadership skills and thought leadership culture
  • Six Simple, Powerful Steps to Grow Your Business Faster
  • Communications Decode
  • Crisis Preparedness


#digitalhighway, is groovy yet results driven business transformation initiative. We make your passion our own - then we turn your business visions into a sweet reality. If you're looking for a complete brand refresh, or just a small side project, you’re in the right place jamming with CompliMentor's marketing experts.

Big or small, our clients and their businesses are our number one priority, and getting the results you are after, is what sets our soul on fire. If you're looking for a digital transformation with a difference, we are your partners and we are ready to ideate and walk together to help you revitalize businesses with brand with digital strategy outcomes.

Together, we can create something special with :

  • Unique Customer Experiences
  • Customer Acquistion
  • Design and Brand Solutions

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Children in their youngest years are growing out of their cocoon and getting into the unknown world. Right in their foundational learning phase, English language skills plays a critical role to help them face the world with confidence.

CompliMentors support the initiatives of ReadnBond, a networking hub that fosters 21st Century Skills in children up to 12 years, such as critical thinking, creative writing and public speaking. Our aim is to help families and children discover their love for stories, books and bond together. The children academic mentors, make your child’s learning, experiences and growth, inclusive and affirmative.

ReadnBond innovative and experiential formats include:

  • Reading Picnics
  • Practical, Hands-on English Concepts in Studio
  • Building Young Authors