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Paying it Forward

Smriti is a management graduate, working as HR professional for last 5 years and is incredibly passionate and anxious individual. She approached Sumeet as a mentor, for specialized advice and guidance as she faced specific challenges during her career, seeking to discuss and explore solutions. They mutually derived at some potential directions to manage the challenges and she found confidence and mutual respect in the effective discussions overtime. She has recently started with a new assignment and aspires to grow her learning curve and deliver successfully. She realizes her potential and power of mentoring. “CompliMentors really helped me pave my way to the new job and I struck gold with my mentoring partner.”

For me, it has always been a two-way process of firstly understanding her side and then deliberating the possible approaches to tackle the situation. It has always been a pleasure for me to be able to get to understand the thought process of today’s millennials and then able to leverage my experience to pay it forward.