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Get The Most Desired Workplace Skills With Elevate Masterclasses

Designed and delivered by corporate leaders who have recruited and mentored large teams, we are committed to drive young people towards employability and promote the culture of constant learning by upskilling and reskilling to meet modern workplace demands.

Integrated Employability Elevate Masterclass

Power your career by learning from the best minds to lead, collaborate, create, communicate and network with 6 top industry leaders in one integrated masterclass and become the preferred choice for employers.

These industry insiders will offer guidance on how to make sense of today’s workplace. This flagship Elevate Masterclass helps you acquire holistic skills in one go to boost your career growth. Our live instructor led intensive program deep-dives into key employability skills to set you apart to be corporate ready.

  • Communications

  • Leadership

  • Digital Literacy

  • Career Readiness

14 Hours

Solo Employability Elevate Masterclass

Level-up your employability chances by choosing a singular or multiple solo Masterclasses from our growing portfolio. The Solo Employability Elevate Masterclasses have been custom-designed to bridge the learning gap that exists to succeed in the workplace, the skills that are not taught to you in college but are critical for new age, high growth job roles that are much sought after.

Meet the Masters

The masters who have crafted their art with skill and precision are coming forward to build and nurture future leaders to excellence.


Activate your highest potential and develop invaluable network to fast-track your career with elite mentoring and our high impact masterclasses. Our mission gets accomplished when you feel empowered to

  • Learn From

  • Learn Their
    Secret Sauce

  • Learn To Do
    It Yourself

  • 1 to 1 With

  • Letter of


Individuals mentored to be corporate ready


Hours of masterclasses delivered across corporate skills


Global community of corporate experts across 20 domains

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