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Integrated Employability Masterclass

12 Modules

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Super-Charge Your Career Progression With Integrated Workplace Skills To Empower Future Leaders

This intensive Masterclass is a digital learning companion for millennials and graduating students, focused on developing soft-skills which can provide you that extra edge for balanced career growth. The program contains essential knowledge for career seekers for blended learning and prepare learners to succeed in the interviews and eventually the workplace. Throughout this program you’ll understand and appreciate the Business Communications, Leadership, Digital Personal Branding and Career Readiness skills that will help you develop the right mix of personal and business technical skills employers yearn for.


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An exciting, proven format with microlearning videos, case studies, assignments, bridging techniques, personal mock interviews and role plays. Dare to test this module to grab your dream workplace with 6 top industry leaders and invaluable connected network.

Who Can Benefit
UG / PG at Business Schools, Communication Schools, Graduates at Engineering Colleges, Law Schools and many more

 14 Hours/ 3 Weeks

Eligibility Test/Assessment

Course Modules


Communications is the most sought-after skill that modern day employers demand. It is an art to structure your thoughts, and influence others and make your opinion count. We use a high-impact communication technique to explore your powerful story as we prep you to make an impeccable impression and persuasive conversations.

Business writing is a serious business to get noticed and demonstrate clarity of thoughts with polished and error free writing style. Learn to develop best-in-class Resume, Cover Letter, Speculative Email Job Application and third-party written business communications that will help you communicate with confidence as you step into your job.

Businesses thrive on making impressive presentations and sharing thoughts precisely and in compelling ways. Learn to communicate visually and how to design and create more convincing presentations that become the reflection of ideas and thinking using powerful framework.

The fiercest of competitive boardroom battles can be won if you exhibit assertiveness to table your thoughts and ideas without arrogance. And importantly, how to make your story and presentation get the attention it deserves. We go through boardroom techniques that help run efficient and productive meetings and help you demonstrate interpersonal sensitivity in your communication behavior.


Whether you want to be your own boss or step in a new role in a company, you must exhibit leadership qualities that differentiate you and help you excel. Learn what great leaders do and why they focus on self awareness, and how to inspire others and wider world.

Dealing with uncertainty and embracing change is daunting. As species, we seek out certainty and want to control our environments. The VUCA world challenges you to find your own way by being adaptable and we analyze case studies to recognize the change around you and adapt to build positive outcomes.

Multi-tasking is a myth and successful leaders have their finger on their pulse through greatly thought and well-defined goals. Learn about the framework that helps you sharply define your goals in short term or long term which is the first step to inch towards a successful career.


LinkedIn plays an important role in building your professional brand strategy. By sharing your knowledge and values through digital content, you can showcase your expertise, build relationships and land your dream job. Learn why personal branding in the digital age is imperative and grab tricks and techniques to optimize your profile in a way that helps you achieve your objectives.

As cliché as this may sound, but content has been and will always remain king. Learn how to create content that is differentiated, clickable and shareable, to help you build and sustain your personal brand.


Prep with the bosses who have recruited global talent to put your best foot forward with eye catching cover letter, and resume that stands out. Starting from the interview basics to deep dive into interviewer type, analyzing case study interviews, we have covered it to calm your shaky nerves in both physical and remote worlds.

We've curated the most common interview questions that get asked and teach a proven step-by-step process that ensures you will blow them out of the water. From the all-important "tell me about yourself" to the tricky "what is your greatest weakness?" we've got you covered with sample answers, a straight-forward approach, and a blueprint to building your own answers.

Making inroads and getting the attention you deserve are two different things in a corporate context . The transition from academic to real world is an eye opener and we teach you to avoid those pitfalls and mistakes new recruits often make.

By The End Of The Course,
You‘ll Be Able To...

  • Discover your story and apply simple but powerful frameworks to speak, write and present your structured thoughts clearly, concisely and in a compelling way
  • Find the best possible version of yourself by realizing your true leadership potential and deal with others with respect and empathy
  • Develop a strong online presence and build a personal brand that gets the right eye balls
  • Apply best practice techniques to crack and tackle interviews and improve your chances of success in getting a job

Meet the Masters

The masters who have crafted their art with skill and precision are coming forward to build and nurture future leaders to excellence.

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