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Leapfrog To Lead By Stepping In The Workplace With Confidence

This thought-provoking workshop is a must for every ambitious professional to know who are you as a leader. An increase in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity means that as you enter future workspace you must seek new orientations to guarantee positive results in ever changing business circumstances. Learn the V.U.C.A way to work smart, not hard. We believe multi-tasking is a myth and by learning to set your goal in a lazer-sharp way is effective leadership practice. Know the pulse of peers and learn what can win you to be a successful team player.


Program Type

A short yet eye-opener course with learning materials with microlearning videos, blogs, case studies and assignments. Take an interactive leadership assessment tool to profile and analyze your personal leadership style.

Who Can Benefit
UG / PG at Business Schools, Communication Schools, Graduates at Engineering Colleges, Law Schools and many more

 5 Hours/ 2 Weeks

Eligibility Test/Assessment

Course Modules

Whether you want to be your own boss or step in a new role in a company, you must exhibit leadership qualities that differentiate you and help you excel. Learn what great leaders do and why they focus on self awareness, and how to inspire others and wider world.

Dealing with uncertainty and embracing change is daunting. As species, we seek out certainty and want to control our environments. The VUCA world challenges you to find your own way by being adaptable and we analyze case studies to recognize the change around you and adapt to build positive outcomes.

Multi-tasking is a myth and successful leaders have their finger on their pulse through greatly thought and well-defined goals. Learn about the framework that helps you sharply define your goals in short term or long term which is the first step to inch towards a successful career.

Most successful people from different walks of life have stories about how they prioritized Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EIQ) over IQ to achieve workplace efficiency. Greater focus on EIQ works wonder in helping people perform better, live fulfilled lives, achieve financial stability be more compassionate and learn how to create those invincible bonds.

By The End Of The Course,
You‘ll Be Able To...

  • Find the best possible version of yourself by realizing your true leadership potential
  • Remove obstacles and deal with workplace changes and challenges
  • Cultivate a growth mindset by embrace opportunities positively
  • Being a team player to deal with people with empathy and respect.

Meet the Masters

The masters who have crafted their art with skill and precision are coming forward to build and nurture future leaders to excellence.

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