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Your Goalpost To Become An Effective Business Communicator

An impactful course where you learn how to build a lasting first impression by discovering your own powerful story, be on a path to make your opinion count, learn the business writing techniques to polish your writing style and conduct productive meetings. Learn a powerful communications framework that is sensitive to cultural and personal differences and harness your skills to speak, write and get noticed to succeed with a spectacular career.


Program Type
A short yet deep-dive course with learning materials, microlearning videos, case studies, boardroom brainstorm and elevator’s pitch techniques to seamlessly connect in a global workplace culture

Who Can Benefit
UG / PG at Business Schools, Communication Schools, Graduates at Engineering Colleges, Law Schools and many more

 5 Hours/ 2 Weeks

Eligibility Test/Assessment

Course Modules

Communications is the most sought-after skill that modern day employers demand. It is an art to structure your thoughts, and influence others and make your opinion count. We use a high-impact communication technique to explore your powerful story as we prep you to make an impeccable impression and persuasive conversations.

Business writing is a serious business to get noticed and demonstrate clarity of thoughts with polished and error free writing style. Learn to develop best-in-class Resume, Cover Letter, Speculative Email Job Application, third-party written business communications that will help you communicate with confidence as you step into your job.

Businesses thrive on making impressive presentations and sharing thoughts precisely and in compelling ways. Learn to communicate visually and how to design and create more convincing presentations that become the reflection of ideas and thinking using powerful framework.

The fiercest of competitive boardroom battles can be won if you exhibit assertiveness to table your thoughts and ideas without arrogance. And importantly, how to make your story and presentation get the attention it deserves. We go through boardroom techniques that help run efficient and productive meetings and help you demonstrate interpersonal sensitivity in your communication behavior.

By The End Of The Course,
You‘ll Be Able To...

  • Apply principles of effective communication in a professional environment
  • Deliver ideas with precision and improve your speaking for greater work
  • Apply simple but powerful frameworks to write clearly, concisely and compellingly in less time
  • Design more convincing presentations and learn to run more productive meetings
  • Develop cultural and interpersonal sensitivity in your communication behavior

Meet the Masters

The masters who have crafted their art with skill and precision are coming forward to build and nurture future leaders to excellence.

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