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The Holy Grail To Help Crack The Interview To Land Your Dream Job

In this compelling workshop learn practical tips on how to conquer your nerves and land in a job. Practice the skills with corporate leaders who believe in zero tolerance to recruit the best. Whether this is about writing an impressive resume, acing the big interview, or you’re tired of going on dozens of interviews but never closing the deal, you know that simply googling “interview tips” won’t really help you. We go way beyond to provide you with the tools and feedback you need to become really good, really fast to get the job and navigate yourself through the first year. You also get hands-on practice with mock interviews tailored to meet the needs of career seekers.


Program Type
An exciting, proven format with microlearning videos, most desired interview questions, bridging techniques, personal mock interviews and role plays. Grab this hot seat and pin your dream workplace before someone else does.

Who Can Benefit
UG / PG at Business Schools, Communication Schools, Graduates at Engineering Colleges, Law Schools and many more

 6 Hours/ 3 Weeks

Eligibility Test/Assessment

Course Modules

Prep with the bosses who have recruited global talent to put your best foot forward with eye catching cover letter, and resume that stands out. Starting from the interview basics to deep dive into interviewer type, analyzing case study interviews, we have covered it to calm your shaky nerves in both physical and remote worlds.

We've curated the most common interview questions that get asked and teach a proven step-by-step process that ensures you will blow them out of the water. From the all-important "tell me about yourself" to the tricky "what is your greatest weakness?" we've got you covered with sample answers, a straight-forward approach, and a blueprint to building your own answers.

Being assertive to make your point-of-view count without being impolite is a piece of communications’ art. Multiple situations in workplace put you to odds, when you are towing with what to say and how to say the way you feel. Learn tips to manage and speak effectively in sensitive situations that keep both relationship and your objectives intact.

Making in-roads and getting the attention you deserve are two different things in a corporate context . The transition from academic to real world is an eye opener and we teach you to avoid those pitfalls and mistakes new recruits often make.

By The End Of The Course,
You‘ll Be Able To...

  • Apply best practice techniques to enable you to tackle interviews and improve your chances of success in getting a job
  • Perfect your delivery with expert-crafted sample answers in Group Discussions and Personal Interview
  • Identify types of questions you may be asked in interview and understanding of your strengths, skills and key selling points to tackle them with confidence
  • Know about various forms of interviews from telephonic, remote, to case study interviews
  • Manage to handle sensitive topics such as compensation and performance discussions
  • Learn to survive the grudge and pressure in year one

Meet the Masters

The masters who have crafted their art with skill and precision are coming forward to build and nurture future leaders to excellence.

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