MG Motor for decades has brought people together and brought alive shared experiences. The core of the world of MG is about exciting experiences. The drastic impacts of COVID-19 has forever changed nearly every aspect of human life, leaving terrified visuals of the world around us.

But our spirits to fight back, remains even stronger.

When the world is shaken and people are looking for strokes of hope and positivity, MG Motor India has invited this weekend, a renowned artist to use the power of artistic expression to paint and salute solidarity, well-being and hope.

We do recognize, that there are many people out there who need greater help and support. And every effort, big or small will make a difference.

Bringing another digital experience for its viewers and customers, #MGLiveFromHome initiative witnesses live artwork of two artists to paint the strokes of hope from their own living rooms to bring a community together that cares.

Their live paintings will be auctioned on www.Complimentors.com and the highest bid proceed will be donated to a charitable cause for those who are more vulnerable.

Join hands to be a part of making a real change with MG Motor India.

We are in this together to win over this disease saluting zindagi because  raftaar wahi hogi!

This weekend, in a yet another live session, join celebrated artist Nikki Anand, who is known as the divine artist as her pictorial language is basically symbolic, vibrates with her spontaneity and purity. She paints figures, abstracts, landscapes or impressions of the creations of universe, where her paintings shimmer with magical and spiritual power.

She took the lockdown to paint for hope a beautiful landscape, Nature’s Makeover, where her painting depicts that how mother nature comes into her empress mode to dust herself off, to reveal her colorful beauty and natural abundance!

For the live audiences, we meet the charming artist, tour her studio as she talks her heart out and shares emotive tips to combat times as these. She does a throwback of texture techniques that can bring an artist work to life!

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Nikki Anand

Nikki Anand is an Indian Origin Arch of Excellence awarded fine artist and philanthropist. Figures, abstracts, landscapes, or impression of the creations of the Universe, her paintings shimmer with magical, spiritual Power. With numerous solo and group shows and commissioned works to her credit, she has travelled the globe with her exhibitions. Her works are in patron collections in various countries, including the USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and others. Nikki has had several art healing and wellness workshops with the specially abled and senior citizens and Art Mentor programs with school children in the United Kingdom in 2013.

She was awarded the Successful Achievement award 2014 by VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE & VOWW-TV’s USA for her contribution to human kind and her gift of the painting “Salvation” for auction to help earthquake victims in Nepal.

During her visits to Los Angeles, US in 2015 her work was under study for four months at the University of Southern California, Institute of Genetic Medicine. The study was to make inroads on how art is a universal energy in nature and helps us manifest our inner selves resulting in peace, harmony and happiness connecting the human mind, body and soul as one. Furthermore, she held an art exhibit and art healing workshops with the war veterans at the CalVets Veterans home in Los Angeles.

She has also been appointed International Director in 2017 by the Torball Society of the Blind Malta, Europe to organize periodic art exhibitions for the specially-abled (disabled) worldwide.

She has done more than 20 solo shows and art exhibitions, including “Subconscious Mind & Biological Instinct” Solo Show at the University of Southern California, IGM Art Gallery,LA, U.S. in 2013; Euphoria” Global Woman Tour solo exhibition at the Nehru Centre, London, U.K. in 2015; and Art Exhibition Inkpot India Conclave in 2019 to name a few.


Nature’s Makeover #MGLiveFromHome SOLD OUT

Sangeeta Babani

Sangeeta Babani is one of the most celebrated artists of our country and is renowned for her vibrant palette. Born in Spain, imbibing Spanish Art & Culture during her growing years led her to the ultimate initiation into Indian Art after she settled in Mumbai. Characterized by an ambiguity, simultaneously introspective and impressionist in nature, her paintings come alive with vibrant hues, multiple thoughts and a story. She has brought a quirky dimension to art by being the first artist to use cars as her canvas.She was the first artist selected by Tata Motors to modify Nano into an exemplary work of art in 2012. Babani has exhibited her versatility by taking art outside the conventional gallery space, for example in 2013, her work was part of the London Design Festival, in 2015 she made a BMW sedan her live canvas that attracted significant attention and she displayed an 18 feet installation known as Lost Art at Palladium in 2018.Babani is also recognized for her creativity and work on metal. She has held numerous exhibitions in India and abroad. She has represented India in various international events and has been acclaimed and acknowledged several times during her career.

In 2017 she was awarded the Contemporary Artist in Paris (France) and in 2018 she was bestowed with AspiringShe Women Achiever Award and has won the Women Super Achiever Award at 6 th World Women Leadership Awards.

Babani’s paintings demonstrate lively hues, multiple thoughts and interesting stories, and she has behind her more than 12 solo shows.Here are some of her paintings.

Do not Disturb
Traversing Paths
Joy of Living
Another World
A Warmer Day Coming #MGLiveFromHome SOLD OUT
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