Nothing Is Scarier Than Unfulfilled Potential, Be The Best You Can Be With CompliMentors

CompliMentors is just not focused on career advancement but will help individuals realize the unfulfilled potential. The blog is dedicated to current and future CompliMentors who believe in our mission.

CompliMentor was not conceived by chance but is a story of the journey that we started almost twenty years ago. As founders of this initiative, the back story is equally interesting. Our professional stints as corporate buffs did not often allow us to stop and reflect upon our  paths, but we were lucky to have the right people at the right time who contributed to make our life journey an amazing one. The mentors who helped us from time to time, not only impacted our lives but gave us a mission to define a higher purpose.

We have been privileged to have some wonderful, inspirational people who have influenced us and left significant impressions contributing to provide direction to our life. They entered our world to offer guidance, affirmation, and encouragement. They also challenged our emerging self-concepts and at time spiritual values and helped to shape and influence the development of our personality along a journey of faith.

Faith today during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 is shaking the world, but it is also making us think about the power of realizing the potential of positivity, the fighting spirit and ways to conquer fear over will.

Passing on the Knowledge

As global professionals, entrepreneurs and parents, with the grace of God, juggling a few hats was learning of sorts for us. These experiences along the way, have shaped the level of wisdom and maturity. One learning that stayed with us is how to pass the knowledge.

That’s why a role of a mentor that’s close to our heart irrespective of the job and titles one holds.  When you come across a younger you who is eager to push the envelope, ready to embrace and learn more, helping such people both realize and achieve their unfulfilled potential, is a mission on its own.  We know, in young adulthood to early professional lives, the paths are never straight. You deal with questions that remain unanswered. That’s where a mentor can successfully step in to help provide answers and positively change their lives. 

Finding a Confidant

Frankly, sometimes one finds it difficult to decide if one needs a mentor. We rely on friends and our circle of relations and peer groups for help. If you see your right guide within an internal group, good for you. But if not, the hunt for a confidant should be a parallel path to your progression.  Not that it’s any less challenging, and we may not expect to be lucky every time. Famous professor Howard G. Hendricks once said, “Nothing is more common than unfulfilled potential”, but we feel it is scary if a great potential is not fully realized. Hence, CompliMentors was born, a purpose-driven platform that aims to connect hundreds of people to realize their full potential through collaborative mentoring relationships.


why mentoring


The Smartest Generation

The Gen Y & Z, the Millennial, the Youth of today is the smartest human prodigy. They are taking charge of their own lives and are not waiting for things to come to them only when the need arises. On the contrary, there is an insatiate hunger in this new age generation to explore more, achieve more and deliver more. Realizing this untapped opportunity faced by our new generation, we believe that our initiative will play a role in growing into a mentoring community of sorts to become a global social hub.  We aim to pass on the knowledge, learn from each other irrespective of the age, and be purposeful to build an integrated joyful life through meaningful mentoring connection.

360 Degree Mentoring Approach

The Mentees, as they began to explore and develop their choices for streams & careers, are paired up with Mentors & Mentorship Facilitators. Mentees can gain personal & professional wisdom, practical guidance and trusted advice,not often found in textbooks. For the part of Mentors, who says learning never stops, they enjoy a unique opportunity to help boost a young person’s life by sharing hard-won knowledge gleaned over decades of professional experience.

Our approach is based on the following value and beliefs: Human potential inspires us; Relationships have the power to transform; Excellence is achievable, and Joy sustains us. CompliMentors is just not focused on career advancement but will help individuals on holistic mentorship to our mentees and help them unleash their potential as a person as a whole. This extends beyond the career to include discussions about behavior, values, relationships, parenting, finances, and even spiritual life. This approach to mentoring will undoubtedly have more significant impact. It will be felt by your mentees and everyone they influence for years to come and through this initiative we will be able to achieve our mission to connect more people. So, if you feel you have a role to play, let’s build more and more CompliMentors, and create a cohesive community.

Build a CompliMentors Community Together

To sum it up, at CompliMentors, we believe that the greatest achievements are never accomplished alone. Mentorship is integral to an individual’s success and for those reasons, we are excited to offer this purpose driven platform to individuals, students and aspiring professionals to have discussions with preeminent leaders in their respective domains and learn from each other.  

Let the baton to share wisdom and pass on the knowledge begin!



Nothing Is Scarier Than Unfulfilled Potential, Be The Best You Can Be With CompliMentors
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